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Enjoy Texas-Sized Home Audio with Sonos

Credenza with two Sonos Play Five speakers on top and a Sonos Sub sitting on the floor.

Bring a Whole New Meaning to Easy Listening with an Upgraded Speaker System

This area of Texas is a hub of innovation, so bringing audio innovation to residential Harris County properties makes sense. With Sonos home audio distribution, you can! Read below to discover how Sonos brings ease to managing your sound system and makes a home sing with advanced technology.

Designing for Health: Create a Biophilic Home with Lighting!


Discover how to bring wellness and luxury to your projects with home lighting automation technologies!

In the realm of architecture and interior design, lighting holds the key to transforming spaces, enhancing aesthetics, and influencing the overall well-being of occupants. Today, the convergence of advanced technology and design principles has given rise to lighting control systems that offer many benefits, particularly in health and wellness.

To help you bring these valuable perks to your projects in Houston, TX, FE Smart Home sustains a partnership with Lutron, the world-leading lighting and shading manufacturer. Together, we can offer you a wide range of versatile lighting control systems, dimmers, and switches, bringing the luxury of biophilic design to your projects and keeping your spaces sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

This blog explores how to create a balanced, biophilic home with innovative home lighting automation solutions. Take a look!


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