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2 Spots to Add High-Performance Speakers from MartinLogan

MartinLogan architectural speaker installed flush to the wall next to a large screen display showing a mountain view

Bring Top-Tier Sound to Any Space for an Immersive Listening Experience

Discreet, high-performance speakers are the ultimate upgrade for the discerning audiophile and anyone looking to ramp up the entertainment possibilities in their Houston, TX, home. In this blog, we'll explore two spaces where you can upgrade sound performances with high fidelity in-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers from MartinLogan. Keep scrolling to read more!

Elevate Your Smart Home with Savant Home Network Setup

A woman drinks wine and controls her smart home through a Savant remote.

Let our cutting-edge solutions enhance your smart home experience!

Are you tired of dealing with Wi-Fi woes and network issues in your smart home? Say hello to a new era of seamless connectivity and advanced automation with Savant! To create a stronger and more reliable home network setup,Savant partnered recently with Juniper Networks, a global leader in enterprise networking, to create a robust foundation for next-generation smart homes and provide homeowners with a truly smart wireless network solution.

Keep reading our blog to learn more about the benefits of integrating Juniper Mist AI solutions and how they can enhance your smart living in Houston and West University, TX! 

Impress Your Clients with Light Control Systems

Lutron keypad overlooking a living room seating area. The buttons read Lights, Relax, Daylight, Shades.

Interior Designers Know Style And Lighting Can Enhance It!

As an interior designer, you understand the transformative power of light. It can dramatically alter any space's mood, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, but have you considered the impact of lighting control on your designs?

Partnering with a professional Lutron dealer to incorporate light control systems into your clients' projects can take your designs to the next level. Read below to learn how!

Amplify Your Outdoor Experience with a High-End Sound System

A speaker discreetly installed in a garden area as part of an outdoor sound system in a Houston home.

An Outdoor Audio System Adds Endless Entertainment Possibilities 

In Houston, TX, where the warm year-round weather invites outdoor living, a high-quality outdoor sound system can transform your backyard into a personal oasis. For the discerning homeowner, investing in an outdoor sound system is more than just an upgrade; it's a lifestyle enhancement that brings music, entertainment, and luxury to your outdoor spaces. Learn more about the benefits of outdoor sound below!


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