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Hidden Smart Home Technology Gems to Consider

man standing at a kitchen island preparing a salad in a Savant smart home.

Discerning West University Homeowners Want Performance & Luxury

If you're considering integrating smart home solutions but are concerned about bulky devices disrupting your aesthetic, fear not. Concealed smart home technology has arrived, and it's sure to enhance your home in the West University area!

Keep reading to learn how to bring Texas-sized innovation to your home without having it scream for attention.

Why Should I Try to Hide My Smart Home Technology?

It's simply a matter of preference. Imagine having the coolest gadgets so seamlessly incorporated into your home without guests even knowing they're there. You'll maintain that sleek aesthetic you love, enjoying modern conveniences, but won't need to detract from your meticulously designed home interiors.

Top Picks for a Stylish Smart Home:

  • Concealed Audio Systems: Picture your favorite tunes filling the room, but there's no speaker in sight. Built into the walls and ceilings, these high-performance speakers pack a powerful punch while blending into the drywall.
  • Motorized Shades: Experience the sun's warming rays pouring into a room with just a tap or pre-scheduled automation! No more tangled pull cords are in your future.
  • Lighting: Set the mood for any occasion without walking throughout the house, turning lamps on and off. A romantic dinner or movie night is just one button tap away.

We're the Houston Area's Smart Technology Partner

If you're ready to blend style and innovation, hidden smart home technology is the right decision! Whether you're in West University Place, Bellaire, or beyond in Harris County, we're here for all of your home technology integration needs.

Message our team here to start a conversation about crafting your dream home with FE Smart Home. 

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