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Transform Patio Time with Outdoor TV Entertainment Centers

Samsung Terrace TV installed under a pergola awning on a patio overlooking a cityscape.

Premium Solutions from Samsung, Integrated by FE Smart Home

It's hot in Houston, and your entertainment should be, too!

Revamping your property with a new TV is a transformative addition you can incorporate before the summer's hottest temps arrive. Below, we explore how to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment center with the Samsung Terrace TV in the comfort of your backyard.

Ready for Texas-sized movie nights and TV? Scroll to keep reading about the Samsung Terrace TV!

Top Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

couple talks in living room with floor to ceiling windows featuring partially raised roller shades

Texans Need Sun Protection Throughout the Year

Maintaining comfort and efficiency while indoors is essential in Houston, Texas's warm, sunny climate. Automated window treatments are an innovative solution to control sunlight, enhance privacy, and improve your daily life.

Learn more about them below!

Ketra Lighting Control Elevates Your Daily Living Experience

A bedroom featuring Lutron’s Ketra lighting fixtures and a balcony with a window.

Illuminate Your Everyday Lifestyle with Top-Tier Lighting

Lighting is vital in transforming your living spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. It's not just about being able to see; it's about enhancing the way you live, work, and play in your home.

This is where Lutron's Ketra lighting systems shine, offering unparalleled control and customization that elevate every aspect of your daily living. Whether it's helping you make your wardrobe choices or turning a simple dinner into a gourmet feast for the eyes, these lighting control solutions enhance your Houston, TX, home's aesthetics entirely. Keep reading below for more! 

What Makes For a Great Outdoor Sound System?

Relaxing poolside scene with a wireless speaker, woman lounging on a chair, and child playing in the pool.

Recharge Your Outdoor Space with a High-Quality Sound System

Elevate your outdoor entertainment to a new level with a top-notch sound system. Why settle for subpar Bluetooth quality when high-performance professional outdoor sound systems are available? There's a better way to enjoy the beautiful Houston, TX, weather, whether on the porch, patio, or pool. Here, we outline the keys to a truly impressive outdoor sound system and how a professional helps get you there.  


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