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The Nuance of Smart Home vs. Home Automation

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Our Customized Services Transform Properties into Experiences

You may be wondering about the difference between smart homes and home automation services. Each incorporates cutting-edge devices, but that's where the similarities end.

For Houston-area homeowners who want to streamline tech management while adding a touch of luxury to everyday experiences, a professionally designed and installed home automation system is a surefire way to make their dream home come true! 

Smart Homes Are Smart…

At its core, a smart home has several internet-connected devices inside of it. Individual devices like smart bulbs, speakers, or locks enhance specific functions such as lighting, audio, or security, but these devices operate independently. Controlled remotely via apps or voice commands, each connects directly to your home network. There is no centralized management system, so you'll find yourself downloading various apps and learning how to use each interface and configuration separately. 

…but Automation Services Makes Homes Brilliant!

In contrast to that approach, an automated lifestyle features multiple devices across different systems—like lighting, HVAC, and window treatments—into a cohesive, integrated platform.

You can manage this system using a single interface that brings every device under the same umbrella of control. Behind the scenes, a central hub or controller orchestrates the complex routines and scenarios that automate the entire home's operations. An installation from a Savant dealer offers reliability and extensive functionality that coordinates everything together into one easy-to-use automated system. 

The Key Differences

  • Integration: While smart devices function independently, home automation systems combine elements for unified control.
  • Installation: Smart devices offer quick DIY setups, whereas automation systems need professional design and installation.
  • Automation Level: Basic automation is possible with smart devices, but automated systems are designed for advanced, comprehensive automation scenarios.
Cost Considerations: Smart devices are more budget-friendly, while fully integrated systems require a significant investment that results in greater integration and control.

Make Your Texas Home Intelligent

Go beyond the gadgets and work with FE Smart Home to fully customize your living experiences. Blend convenience, control, and Savant-powered integration for a luxury living experience that makes daily routines a breeze.

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